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Sondra Schwetman and Patrick Williams

November 19th – November 30th

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Eugenia Maximova

Eugenia Maximova was born in Ruse, Bulgaria. 
She graduated The University of Vienna, reading journalism and communication science. 
Eugenia Maximova first became interested in photography in 2005 after the sudden death of her mother, a recognized Bulgarian painter. “Looking through the viewer and pressing the camera button helped me to escape the harrowing reality of […]

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Liz Vaughn

Liz Vaughan

My work is mostly concerned with emotional relationships with landscape and urbanscape. My process starts with photographing an area. This allows a real intimate relationship to be formed between me and my surroundings by way of camera. I photograph things like abandoned buildings, old vehicles, vegetation and any object that seems to stand out to […]

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Susan Maakestad

Susan Maakestad was a recipient of a National Endowment for the Art fellowship from Arts Midwest in 1988. She has been a fellow at the MacDowell Colony and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Her work has been included in the national publication “New American Paintings and The Painting Center in New York’s on […]

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T. Jackson

T. Jackson

I paint expressive portraits of people that both emote with physiognomy and paint application. Over the last year I have learned to begin to see paint not only as a medium but also as the subject.  Paint can have its own narrative and history and create mood as much as a landscape or figure. I hope to […]

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Jennifer Moss

Jennifer Moss

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Shreepad Joglekar and Jui Mhatre

Shreepad Joglekar Shreepad Joglekar received his BFA from Sir J.J. institute of Applied Art in Mumbai, India, and his MFA from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. He is an Assistant Professor of Photography at Kansas State University, Manhattan KS. His work has been shown in several galleries in the US, Canada, China, Germany, and […]

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Pat Kabore

Pat Kabore

Pat Kabore lives and works in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Her work is in the permanent collections with the Washiongton Printmakers fine Art Calendar, i.e. the Smithosnian, the Library of Congress, The National Women’s Museum, The National Fine Art Museum, and other fine art institiutions accross the country. The recipent of 3 The Arts Partnerships artist […]

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Jane Angelheart

Jane Angelhart

Inspired by the realization that I dream of living in Paducah, I am going to illustrate all of my dreams while there. I’ll ask the artists in the community to keep a written record of their dreams for at least a month, too. Then I’ll lead a group session at which we’ll each paint a […]

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Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas

Ian earned his BFA in Ceramic and Painting studies at Slippery Rock University and an MFA in Ceramics at Texas Tech University.  A self-proclaimed pluralist, his research explores traditional and nontraditional ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, painting and installation.  Ian had the opportunity to refine his work while studying at the Academy of Fine Art and Design […]

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