Paducah Artist John Romang Receives Prestigious Tanne Foundation Award

John RomangThe Paducah Arts Alliance is pleased to announce that member John Romang is one of eight artists from across the country to receive the Tanne Foundation 2015 award. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Tanne Foundation awards recognize outstanding achievement and are an expression of gratitude to artists for their passion and commitment to their work. Now in its seventeenth year, the foundation’s mission is to underscore the importance of supporting individual artists with unrestricted funding.

The awards are intended to enrich the recipient’s artistic life and are unconditional. The awards, totaling $52,500, honor eight artists in recognition of their artistic achievements as well as one artist-run organization which has presented exceptional work for over 38 years. The Foundation selected individual artists from New York, New Jersey, Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, and three artists from Kentucky for the 2015 awards. Mobius, Inc. a nonprofit artist-run organization in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was also honored with this award.

IMG_6977.jpgA visual artist working in watercolor, mixed media, painting and drawing, Romang is excited and honored to be receiving this award. “I feel a new and urgent energy to create work,” said Romang. Each work that Romang creates consists of three layers of Plexiglas, on which he fuses ink and resin that appear to examine the rivers and lakes that surround him. His translucent panels vary in size and can take the form of light boxes that deliver an additional intensity. He is working on completing a new studio space that will allow him to teach his process and invest more deeply in his creative explorations.

Kentucky Arts Council member Andee Rudolph was instrumental in connecting Romang with the Tanne Foundation. “Having an organization such as the Tanne Foundation that is not based in Kentucky recognize what I have been creating is very special,” Romang notes.

To arrange an interview, email John Romang directly at or call 217.341.6015.

About the Tanne Foundation

Tanne Foundation was founded by an artist in order to enrich the artistic experience and broaden horizons for artists and audiences alike. The foundation’s primary interest is in the support of individual artists. Led by a board comprised of a majority of artists, the foundation is guided by the philosophy that in the creation of art, however unrecognized or obscure the voice, the sound may be extraordinary and it is vital that it be heard.

Since its inception the foundation has made awards to eighty-eight artists and nine organizations in recognition of their outstanding achievements in a variety of fields in the visual and performing arts, including performance art, painting, poetry, music, acting and dance. Nominations for awards are made by the trustees of the Tanne Foundation.

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