Artists in Residence

T. Jackson

I paint expressive portraits of people that both emote with physiognomy and paint application. Over the last year I have learned to begin to see paint not only as a medium but also as the subject.  Paint can have its own narrative and history and create mood as much as a landscape or figure.

I hope to be able to further explore the ability of paint to be the subject of a painting. I aim to create three large-scale images using water-based media on paper.  I will utilize marks and color to make a homogenized series that focuses on paint as the subject while using the figure as inspiration (I.E. as Brancusi used sculpture to capture the essence of a bird in flight, I wish to capture the essence of a figure in paint.)

While in Paducah, with the help of the Paducah Arts Alliance, I would like to host a workshop.

I have had the opportunity to present lectures college students in the past, but have not had the opportunity to share my skills with a bigger audience.  I am very excited with the possibility of sharing my knowledge and with the guidance of the artists at the Paducah Artist Center I hope to create a workshop that is cogent and helpful to the artistic growth of participants.

I wish to present a workshop that focuses on silverpoint image making. Silverpoint is a classical method of image making using any prepared substrate and the silver’s oxidation properties (by running it across the prepared surface.) I will instruct on the several ways to prepare the surface, types of marks, silverpoint tools, and a history of silverpoint drawing.