Artists in Residence

Sondra Schwetman and Patrick Williams

Sondra Schwetman

My current body of work addresses issues surrounding the female body – myth and reality. The work marks the passage of time, and cycles of renewal and escape. I have drawn from Eastern and Western mythologies as well as current manifestations of the same in popular culture, movies and fiction. I have many unanswered questions about the death of a friend from cancer, body image and manipulation, and concerns regarding women’s physical/mental health and situation in general. Through this work it is my hope to continue an on going dialogue about the body – past and present.

Patrick Williams

The use of archetypal forms maintains modernism through conservative construction. Editing pre existing materials consistent with modernism and the appropriation and redefinition of these materials, such as wood, foam, and steel helps define the compositions. The pink or blue color in some of the components is unexpected in consideration of the material use of Styrofoam. The foam’s color highlighting fields of black take the pieces to their essential. Steel is used as a field broken or pierced with the addition of natural wood and white forms highlighting a transition in form. All of my materials are very immediate, relatively non technological, and accessible. These are materials and forms that help me define how I like to occupy space. The materials generally stay true to their origin. The materials are used due to their inherent physical and visual composition. There is nothing that can be done to deviate from the honesty of these materials. The physicality of materials and its expression transcends materiality for total inclusion as just components the total piece.