Artists in Residence

Shreepad Joglekar and Jui Mhatre

Shreepad Joglekar

Shreepad Joglekar received his BFA from Sir J.J. institute of Applied Art in Mumbai, India, and his MFA from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. He is an Assistant Professor of Photography at Kansas State University, Manhattan KS. His work has been shown in several galleries in the US, Canada, China, Germany, and United Kingdom. Exploring natural, cultural, and intellectual environments has been a dominant theme in his work.

My project in Paducah involves surveying and documenting the architecture of the artist studios and galleries in the lower town arts district. This includes taking high resolution images of the exteriors of the buildings, and taking measurements of the interior spaces – especially spaces which function as studios and/or galleries.

This phenomenon (artist revitalizing historic homes and neighborhoods) is very unique and my project explores the individual stories of the artist which make this possible. I plan to pair the photographs of the artist’s spaces with some factual information about the functions the spaces perform.

Jui Mhatre

Jui Mhatre has been practicing classical Indian dance “Bharatanatyam” for past fifteen years, and teaching classical as well as folk dances for ten years. She has also appeared in several solo performances in United States and Canada. She currently lives and teaches dance in Manhattan, Kansas. Apart from practicing classical Indian dance, she also works as an interdisciplinary artist mixing performance with other media such as clay and video.

With my project in Paducah, I intend to mix two art forms- Dance and Clay – which involves a dance performance (barefoot) on a slab of wet clay. I am interested in making a part of this into a community art project where I will teach steps of classical Indian dance to interested people from the Paducah community and they would perform on a slab of clay. After the performance, the slab will be cut into tiles, fired and then installed on an outdoor space/wall in the lower town district.