Artists in Residence

Niki Litts

Niki Litts is an artist from North Carolina who works in many media.

She has a very strong background in non profit community arts management and is committed to the mission of these types of organizations. A community with a thriving arts scene is a vibrant healthy community. As an artist and as an arts administrator, she finds it paramount to share, facilitate and engage. This residency is of particular interest to her, primary because of Paducah’s success with using the arts as an economic stimulus. She feels that getting the opportunity to spend time among the people who helped with that transition would be an honor.

Niki works primarily in 2D with watercolor and graphite, generating realistic portraits, then constructing a sort of surrealist dreamscape around them to give the viewer some semblance of who the character in the piece might be. Recently, she has developed sketches for a series of 2D works that push 2D boundaries and are significantly more tactile than pervious pieces. These works will be her focus during her time in Paducah.

Her ideas for working with the community while in Paducah include:

  • Introductory Artist Talk: An opportunity for the public to see what she has done previously as a refrence point for the work that will be created during her residency
  • Exhibition of Final Works: An opportunity to share with the public works created during the residency
  • Community Make Day:  Niki has always wanted to invite the public in to help with her work or help her generate a large number of one object, in this case, paper cranes, which would serve as an installation to supliment the 5 drawings.
  • Collage Workshop: Instruct a collage workshop focusing on transforming materials into a work of art.
  • Working with Local Artists: Working with other local artists who are outside her own discipline to collaborate on certain elements of said five works