Artists in Residence

Jane Angelhart

Inspired by the realization that I dream of living in Paducah, I am going to illustrate all of my dreams while there. I’ll ask the artists in the community to keep a written record of their dreams for at least a month, too. Then I’ll lead a group session at which we’ll each paint a painting inspired by one of our dreams. Painting from an imagined scene will require the artist to synthesize composition, color and value. I will use watercolor and encourage the participants to do the same, but they may use whatever medium they choose. I’ll install the resulting work at AIR Studio for the neighborhood and visitors to enjoy.

I’ll also lead a workshop on portrait painting, touching on the reasons why portraits are so important. Continuing with the dream theme, I’ll encourage participants to do an imaginative self-portrait using photographs and mirrors for reference. This will be an all-day workshop at which participants will provide their own materials. The results will be installed at AIR Studio.