Artists in Residence

Jamie Spinello and Kristen Van Patten

Jamie Spinello

The dissection of perception between visual dimensions and investigating visual structures in biology and geology have created a eld of exploration that I document and express through creation of art objects and drawing. The layering and weaving cut paper and plastic shapes allows me to create small abstract worlds which I orchestrate into order. An order which has often been likened to biological cross sections and specimens. I look to the natural world for observable plant growth patterns, processes of erosion, skeletal forms in animals and minerals on a molecular scale which I store in my imagination for use in making constructions. Structural relationships in my work are juxtaposed through my combined processes of drawing, painting, cutting, folding and pinning. I strive to evoke in the viewer a curiosity and willingness to investigate the creative process in my multilayered pieces similar to the experience brought on by observing natural history museum dioramas, miniature models of buildings, aquariums, and paper theaters.


Kristen Van Patten

The subject matter in my drawings primarily celebrates the trials and tribulations of human exploration and invention. The series depicted in my application depict mostly images from man’s first attempts at flight, although there are a couple of drawings about the vietnam war as well. I experiment with dierent kinds of paper and staining techniques with my drawings to obtain a depth that adds to the narrative depicted in each work. My current series is a concentration on early mariner exploration on nautical chart paper and plane designs that are superimposed against aeronautical charts.
Structure, space, and line make up a vocabulary from which I create 3d objects, primarily manifested in a modular way. Each piece within the interrelated systems and networks has a specific function and purpose, analogous to a self-reliant habitat responding to stimuli in order to stabilize its self. I create installations which span anywhere from 2-20 feet which becomes an interlocking network almost like a web that the viewer must step within. As conscious beings, capable of inicting drastic change, we are responsible for being aware of our role in maintaining delicate stabilizations and dissolving threats we may introduce, my hope is that my work will engage with the viewer to provoke such thoughts.