Artists in Residence

Ian Thomas

Ian earned his BFA in Ceramic and Painting studies at Slippery Rock University and an MFA in Ceramics at Texas Tech University.  A self-proclaimed pluralist, his research explores traditional and nontraditional ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, painting and installation.  Ian had the opportunity to refine his work while studying at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia, The Pottery Workshop Residency in Jindezhen, China, Paducah Art Alliance Artist-in-Residence, Paducah KY, and has worked with the Hub-Bub Residency in Spartanburg South Carolina.  Since 2007 he has conducted over ten workshops across the country. In addition to showing his work nationally and internationally, selected images have also been published in seven major publication including, Screen-print Basics and Image Transfer on Clay.

Artist Statement:
Since my experience in Paducah, my works are associated with the evolution and education of pharmaceutical drug use.  I am looking at the atrophy associated with motivational effects of drug use and its correlation with the stereotypes of the Lazy American and the degenerative effects on memory. Additional research is in the effect pharmaceuticals have on our notions of acceptability and normality and how this defines a quantifiable cross section of our society.