Russian-born artist currently residing in Sweden becomes Paducah’s Artist-in-Residence

Maria Safronova’s residency results in significant engagement with local artists & collaborative installation

Maria Safronova

The Paducah Arts Alliance (PAA) is pleased to welcome Maria Safronova, from Stockholm, Sweden, as the current participant in the Artist-in-Residence Program. Safronova began her 30-day residency on May 10. She will be occupying the studio at Pinecone Gallery, 421 N. 7th Street in Paducah’s LowerTown Arts District, through June 9.

The public is invited to view a collaborative installation showcasing her work and the creative connections she’s made in Paducah on Sunday, June 7, from 4-7 pm at Pinecone Gallery.

Born in Moscow, Russia, Safronova received her BFA from Moscow Pedagogical State University, Art Department, where she studied painting. She continued her study of art in San Francisco at California State University East Bay, Multimedia Department, Master Program. In the last five years, Safronova has lived in the United States, the country of Georgia, and most recently Stockholm, Sweden, where she lives with her husband, a documentary filmmaker.

Maria - Work in Progress

Safronova learned of Paducah’s Artist in Residence program from Oksana Yushko and Arthur Bondar, internationally acclaimed photojournalists who participated in the Residency Program in February/March 2014. As a painter/visual artist, Safronova’s creative connection in Paducah has been developing into a completely different experience than that of her Moscow cohorts. Since her arrival, she has been visiting the studios of LowerTown and interacting with instructors at the Paducah School of Art & Design. “These artists are incredibly experienced and skilled people–all in one neighborhood,” notes Safronova. “You only need to cross the street or go a block or two to find another talented artist who’s practicing another technique.”

The knowledge pool within this creative cluster has been the inspiration for Safronova’s Paducah project. She has been working with the local artists on an upcoming installation that will include both paintings and sculptural work. Primarily a painter, Safronova enjoys the mix of both two- and three-dimensional works. “When I think about an installation that I want to create, I think of a place where painting, sculpture, multimedia technology transform into a single language, resulting in a dialogue with the audience,” notes Safronova. “The personality of the artist is erased, leaving the created independent reality which can interact with the audience, influence it and create a unique experience that belongs to the participant.”


In addition to building personal/professional relationships and collaborating with Paducah artists, Safronova has been visiting museums and galleries and experiencing the artmistic assets of our UNESCO Creative City. A delegation of Paducah artists, which includes PAA members Freda Fairchild and Mitch Kimball, will be visiting Stockholm this fall and hope to connect with the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Program and a Stockholm gallery with possible interest in a cultural exchange.

To arrange an interview, email Maria Safronova at or call Rosemarie Steele at 270.331.5588.

Submitted by: Rosemarie Steele, Arts Promoter/Paducah Arts Alliance

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