Musician, composer, & sound artist from Los Angeles brings a new sound to Paducah’s audio art scene

Former Carbondale native & current artist in residence Nick Ginsburg engages Paducah’s vibrant arts scene

Paducah, KY, July 5, 2024—Paducah Arts Alliance is pleased to host Nick Ginsburg,  Ginsburg, who arrived on June 30 will continue his residency through July 9.

A Carbondale, Illinois native, Ginsburg formerly performed with the Paducah Symphony Orchestra and has nearly ten years of professional performance experience in orchestral, chamber, and new music ensembles across the US and Italy. He is the French horn player of DIAPASON, a brass quartet working primarily with experimental tuning systems and site-specific performances.

Ginsburg, a passional music educator, is currently a faculty member at South Pasadena Arts & Music Academy, teaching private instrumental, music theory, and composition lessons. He has multiple years of experience teaching private and class piano, voice and brass instrument lessons from the K-12-adult level and a combined five years tutoring music theory, aural and transcription skills at undergraduate and MM/MFA levels. Ginsburg has expanded performer-composer collaborations across a range of disciplines and has collaborated and assisted in premiering work of such composers as Sarah Davachi, Stephen Hartke, Jesse Jones, Oliver Kwapis, Michael Pisaro, Jack Herscowitz, Dinah Bianchi, and Carolina Heredia. 

Though Ginsburg is no stranger to Paducah, the residency was his first opportunity to be immersed in Paducah’s creative culture. “The residency is definitely making me see Paducah on a different level,” said Ginsburg. “Growing up in southern Illinois, I’ve been coming to Paducah my whole life & have always been aware of the artist community, but until now had no idea how vibrant, collaborative, and welcoming it could be.”

Artists participating in PAA’s residency program are required to engage with the community through exhibitions, workshops, public lectures, or collaborative projects with local artists. While residing in his temporary quarters in the heart of the historic downtown, Ginsburg has been recording a Sound Map of historically significant spaces. He has also networked with local artists and shop owners to present a series of pop up concerts featuring his piano & electroacoustic music at various shops and storefronts. His presentations, which are free and open to the public, are as follows:

Friday, July 5

3 pm – Piano/Electroacoustic Music by Ginsburg and Sangria by shop owner Nikki Walker at Butterfly & Tree, 533 Madison

Saturday, July 6

1-2 pm – Ambient improvised set at the PAPA Gallery, 124 Broadway3:30 pm (Time is approximate) – Storefront Pop up Concert at Bricolage Art Collective, 107 Market House Square

Sunday, July 7

Time TBD (Between 6-8pm) – Ginsburg will present the in-progress version of Sound Map of Paducah.

Artists, musicians and scientists alike use field recording—the use of microphones to record the sounds of a particular room, scene or outdoor environment—as to reveal the complex world of sounds hidden by the “naked” ear. In an effort to explore Paducah’s unique character—and thus, unique sonic profile—Ginsburg will be recording and assembling a sound map of historically-significant spaces in Paducah. Eventually available as a publicly-accessible online audio-visual resource, it will allow people to access the soundscapes of different areas of downtown Paducah, revealing each area’s distinctive sonic profile as informed by their local architectures, built environments, and specific ecological contexts.

“In a time where arts funding and support—especially in rural places—is at an all-time struggle, I think Paducah is a great example of how rural artists can thrive together and help make a livable city,” said Ginsburg.

For more information about Nick Ginsburg, visit For an artist interview, the media may contact Ginsburg direct at (618) 201-8640 or via email at

About Paducah Arts Alliance – The Paducah Arts Alliance (PAA) was established in 2008 with the purpose of providing cross-cultural educational experiences between the Paducah-area arts community and visiting national/international visual/performing artists. Since January 2009, PAA has hosted more than 50 visiting American and international artists from 17 states and 9 countries. Over the past decade, resident artists have conducted more than 65 events, which include workshops, lectures, exhibitions, performances and installations. The Paducah Arts Alliance is a 501c3 organization. For more information on the Paducah Arts Alliance, please visit


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