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Freda Fairchild

Freda Fairchild was born in Kentucky and graduated from Berea College. After graduate school at San Francisco State University she remained in California to teach before devoting herself entirely to making art. She has worked in diverse media including painting and fiber arts but now works primarily in printmaking.

She studied at The Canadian School for Non-toxic Printmaking and now works entirely without the use of acids or solvents.

She returned to Kentucky in 2001 to participate in the At Home Project with Judy Chicago at Western Kentucky University.She remained in her home state, buying a house and studio in Paducah.

Fairchild has a rich and lengthy exhibition history. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including shows in Japan, Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, France and United Kingdom

She continues to show her work regularly and gives workshops in non-toxic printmaking methods.

She maintains a studio and gallery in Paducah, KY.

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Stefanie Graves

Stefanie GravesStefanie Graves has had a fascination with art since childhood, but her career path took some rather wide diversions before she decided to make art her livelihood. Originally a nurse and later a health care administrator, she began working full-time as an artist in 2004 in pursuit of this dream. After residing in the greater Chicago area for 15 years and 3 years in central Mexico, she and her husband, David, are now part of the Artist Relocation Program in Paducah, KY. However, they still spend a few months each year in their home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where art is a natural presence in the community that includes a variety of eclectic galleries and the Art Instituto of San Miguel. Stefanie is largely a self-taught artist and has taken a variety of workshops and watercolor classes over past 30 years. Her work has been in a number of two-person and group shows and is in numerous private collections. She is married to David Lucht, a batik and graphic artist. Stefanie is also listed in the national artists’ registry for VSA Arts, Washington, DC.

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Mitch Kimball

Mitch Kimball was born in Bastrop, Louisiana and graduated from The University Of Southern Mississippi with a B.F.A. He worked at the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art until 2005 when Hurricane Katrina relocated him to North Carolina. In 2009, he moved to Paducah, Kentucky to participate in the Art Relocation Program. Since then, he has restored an 1890’s Victorian home and built his pottery studio in the Lowertown Arts District.

Kimball has exhibited his ceramic work throughout the US. His work consists mainly of atmospheric wood-fired sculptural vessels and functional pots. He enjoys working with his wife, a teacher and metalsmith, Shand Stamper and their baby daughter Wren.

Paul Lorenz

With an education in Bauhaus architecture and fine art, Paul Lorenz has carved an intriguing niche in the international art world: bridging the principals and immediacy of painting and drawing with the logic and detail of architecture. Painting is a balance of physical structure (wood, canvas, paper); visual structure (brush strokes, scrapes, tears, lines); and color. The structure of color takes on its own life while contained on the painting surface. Whether thin and spacial, or thick and elemental, the paint and color are developed to compliment the physical and visual, allowing the painting process to remain the final subject.

Graphite drawings are an important section of Paul’s work. Based upon drafting exercises from his years studying architecture, his drawings depict abstraction in its purest form, geometry. Though minimal in logic, the drawings contain richness in developed space and positive/negative relationships.

Paul was born in Chicago and has lived and worked in Chicago, Berkeley, California and now Paducah, Kentucky. After graduating from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, he went on to study oil painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the International School of Art in Italy (under Nicolas Carone and Irving Petlin) and the University of California, Berkeley.

Paul exhibits with numerous galleries in the USA and Europe. As a member of Pintura Fresca, an international group of abstract artists, he has exhibited worldwide, with past exhibitions in Singapore, England, Sweden and the USA. Paul had his first solo exhibition in Europe in 2009 at Galerie Daniel Vignal in Toulouse, France.

Nikki D. May

Nikki D. May is an artist and designer with a background in drawing, painting and fiber arts. After an accidental 10 year career as a Creative Director with IBM, she moved from Atlanta to Paducah as part of the Artist Relocation Program. She now splits her time between designing logos and websites for small companies and working on her mixed media art in her home studio.


John Romang

John Romang is originally from central Illinois. He attended Eastern Illinois University and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2006. After he graduated, he moved to Paducah, Kentucky to pursue his teaching career. Since arriving in Paducah, John has continued his growth in the arts. He has shown work in Pennsylvania, Nashville, Chicago, and Paducah. He continues his exploration with abstract art and illumination.

Randy Simmons

Originally from the Paducah, Kentucky area, Randy Simmons creates large scale realistic figurative charcoal drawings covering topics of parenting, social/political topics, and adult relationships. He exhibits his work across the United States and has twice been a Kentucky Arts Council award winner.

Rosemarie Steele

Rosemarie SteeleRosemarie Steele is a freelance marketing and communications professional focusing on connecting creative networks. She was the marketing director for the Paducah Convention & Visitors Bureau from 2001 to 2012. As marketing director, Steele oversaw the CVB’s brand development process, which elevated Paducah’s position as a cultural destination in the travel and tourism market. She implemented sophisticated and targeted, research-based marketing campaigns and coordinated the development of the organization’s promotional materials and website. During her tenure at the CVB, Steele assisted local, regional, national and international media and authored many articles on Paducah for art and travel publications. She researched and compiled extensive information regarding urban sustainability based on creativity for Paducah’s UNESCO Creative Cities Network application.