The mission of the Paducah Arts Alliance is to promote our growth as artists and as an art community. We have two choices: to grow or to stagnate. Any profession requires constant education and the stimulation of new ideas and exposure to others in the field. This is more easily done in a larger city where the number of galleries, museums, colleges, artists, exhibitions, etc are a constant source. We must bring the larger world here. We want to attract artists of stature to visit and to become a community which would attract more established artists to live here.

The Paducah Arts Alliance, in collaboration with the City of Paducah,  is working to create a permanent and progressive artist in residency program that brings further national and international recognition, plus creative importance, to the town of Paducah and the Lowertown Arts District. We also hope to provide the artists of Paducah with a community arts space in which to collaborate, educate and create. We have many exciting events for the upcoming year in the planning stages, so check back often. If you need space for your creative events, get in touch!